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Source:Yop Tabitha Gyang accessed from Pastor Dotun Salako

1. It is going to be the next greatest event that will shock all the continents of the world. 

2. It is going to take place suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly, without warning and without prior notice.

3. There shall be no second version of the event.

4. A greater percentage of Christians may be taken unawares.

5. Careless Christians who miss the event will have no other similar gracious opportunity.

6. The event shall have no regard or respect for ecclesiastical titles or church leadership positions.

7. It shall be a day when the sheep shall be separated from the goats.

8. The day shall differentiate between the Broad Way Christians from the Narrow Way Christians.

9. The day shall separate sincerity from hypocrisy.

10. The day shall differentiate between those who harbour secret sins from those who abhor secret sins.

11. The day shall separate those whose lives are hidden in Christ from those who are hiding in the church.

12. The day shall show a glaring, clear, conspicuous, demarcation between Christians who walk on the path of holiness from those who walk on the path of worldliness.

13. It shall be a day of double emotion: joy for some and unimaginable, indescribable, uncontrollable regrets for others.

14. It shall be a day of surprises- some “Big names” may miss the flight while some “Less known” may be on board.

15. Another surprise may be that a man or woman who had faithfully served the Lord for many years may defile his or her garment a few minutes before the sound of that summoning trumpet and miss the flight while a notorious sinner may surrender his or her life to Jesus within the same time frame and go to heaven.

16. This event may happen now, today, this week, this month, this year or next year!

17. Wise Christians, like the five virgins that took extra oil, are expected to get ready, yes, to get prepared.

18. After the event, all those who are bitter against one another, malicious, unforgiving, jealous, arrogant, haters, hypocrites, drunkards, fornicators, adulterers, adulteresses, murderers with weapons and murderers with tongue etc, shall have enough time to continue in their trade.

19. When the event is over there shall be revival among those who have chosen to stay behind not because there will be a second chance, no, but because the reality of the event would have struck them like a thunderbolt. But they will have to pay with their own blood.

20. When the event is over, those who are left behind shall no longer be safe to worship in their gigantic, fanciful and multi-billion Dollars/Cedis cathedrals. Instead they shall seek safety in caves, bushes and abandoned and dilapidated but hidden structures.

21. When this great event is over, each time those who will miss their flight manage to gather for worship, they will pay attention to only one sermon- whether they gather in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North or South America; the sermon will only centre on “How to Meet the Divine Standard and Join the Other Saints”.

22. It is also worthy to note that those who will be left behind will never have any business with comedians at their altars anymore. No! There shall no longer be gatherings for entertainments. Whenever, they manage to gather, it shall always be for serious religious business only.

23. The prayer pattern of those who will be left behind will also undergo a radical change. They will not be praying for things anymore. They will only be praying for strength to withstand the tortures of the Anti-Christ and die bravely to join the other saints. None will be praying for jobs, marriages, etc.

24. It is equally worthy of note that some of those who will miss their flight will not be able to endure the torture of the Anti Christ. They will receive the mark of the beast and thereby be doomed forever.

25. When the ready saints are gone, all our denominational walls of partition will collapse. The man or woman who use to worship in Deeper Life, for instance, will hide in the same place with those who worship in Christ Embassy, Church of God Mission, Assemblies of God, Word Aflame, Action Chapel, Winners Chapel, Lighthouse Chapel etc and nobody will remember to claim superiority anymore because then they will be facing a common enemy.

26. When this event is over, each time believers who will miss their flight manage to gather anywhere for worship, there will be an atmosphere of sobriety. This rowdiness we witness today shall be no more.

27. There shall also be a radical change in the attitude of those who will miss their flight towards Bible study. What we have now is an attitude characterized by a high degree of nonchalance and indifference, but when the ready saints are gone, those who will be left behind will begin to take their bible study seriously.

28. All the teens and youths who come to church to please their parents will repent after this great event; yes, they will begin to seek God for themselves.

29. When the event is over, all those who will do any form of business in the schools, hospitals, banks, etc, will have to bear the mark of beast (666) or be hunted down and killed like common criminals.

30. One of the gains of this reminder is that there may be someone reading this piece today who will take a firm decision to ensure that he/she gets on board that celestial flight travelling to glory.

31. However, one of the greatest tragedies of this reminder is that there may be someone too who is reading this piece today but who will see no need to heed this warning. A tragedy indeed!*PLEASE SHARE TO SAVE A SOUL*The Lord God bless you.

Friday, August 26, 2016

This is my friend Scott Bleuer whose writings are very perceptive on the Biblical Endtimes and the fast-gathering momentum on the emerging Global Governance

In Christ

Scott Bleuer with Lawrence Prabhakar Williams.
Illuminati Series. Parts 1 - 11
Several have asked I repost these. I don't really want to bog down this page so here are the links to the first 8 I already posted. And the 3 I havent posted on this site yet.
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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Millennium of Christ and Beyond--Revelation Chapters 19-22

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dear Friends

In attachments are a eight-part series of presentations on Biblical Prophecy Endtimes Presentation Series at Assembly of God Church, Annanagar Chennai 600102.

These have been delivered as part of the invitation by the Chief Pastor, Assembly of God Church Anna Nagar Chennai 600102.--This is for your kind reference.

The eight part series goes like this:
1)Presentation-I Why Biblical Prophecy matters and how does it impact your life? 7 February 2016
2)Presentation-II The Emerging Global Governance-- Is this the Beast Government of the Antichrist? The Golden Statue of King Nebuchadnezzar and the Ten Toes 14 February 2016
3)Presentation-III: Does the World need a Superman to solve its hyper-complex problems? 21 February 2016
4)Presentation-IV The Sudden Departure--What would happen when millions and all children below five years disappear? 28 February 2016

5) Presentation-V:   Is Israel the Biblical Prophetic Time clock of the Lord God?—Part-I--06 March 2016

6)Presentation-VI Is Israel the Biblical Prophetic Time clock of the Lord God?—Part-II-- 13 March 2016

7)Presentation-VII: What does the Holy Bible Prophecy say about the Nations-The Western Confederacy, The Northern Confederacy, The Southern Confederacy and the Eastern Confederacy-- 20 March 2016

8)Presentation-VIII: How does the End come?-- 27 March 2016

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Resurrection Day 2016.

Note: These are very synoptic presentations, each powerpoint would easily have 5-10 derivative topics and thus expandable in accordance to the Word of God

Disclaimer: I am no trained theologian, like most of you, I am just a lay person, who reads the Word and by the Holy Spirit correlates with the contemporary global political, economic, social, cultural, spiritual, science-technological, military-strategic developments that does have the most amazing and accurate convergence.

Bible Prophecy directs Global Affairs.

May His Grace, Peace and His Counsel lead you and protect you until we meet on that Beautiful Shore. Awaiting the Harpazo !


In Christ

Dr.Lawrence Prabhakar Williams

You can access the powerpoints at:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tour of Israel

We just came back from Israel after a wonderful blessed tour of the country of two weeks. Had the blessed opportunity of visiting nearly 176 Biblical-Historical-archaeological sites in the country, led by a very competent expert Rev Dr Showry Babu whose eclectic presentations on the Biblical-Historical-archaeological-contemporary-scientific facets of information presented with amazing analytical clarity opened new vistas of this amazing country.

 Israel presents to the world the complexities of ancient civilization and contemporary modernity—of far reaching differences. It is the only lush green strip of land surrounded by the vast barrenness of desert of the West Asian Region. 

Literally, the Israelis had made their country bloom. For all the hype talk of Palestinian oppression by the mainstream media (which actually are whole set of blatant lies), Palestinians are much better off than Indians in our own country.
With a growing and solid economy amidst all the plaguing economic gloom of the rest of the world, Israel’s economy, society and polity possess an amazing resilience that has withstood the global economic crisis.

India has a lot of dependence on Israel for its national security needs and has been enjoying a solid relationship with Israel. Yet India has a lot to learn from Israel the strengths of good governance, transparency, hygiene and in infrastructure development that Israel is well known for. Israel is safe internally—only the external threats of terrorism do affect them. But the remarkable manner in which they have tackled the external threats has been amazing and it has minimized these threats.

India needs to learn from Israel of how deterrence works from the asymmetric to the strategic. Though a very small state about the size of Kerala; Israel is bountiful in human resources, extremely talented country, high levels of high technology and industrilisation that coexists with bountiful agriculture and self-sufficiency.
Israel’s amazing resources are indeed a source of transformation of several Arab Gulf States—though they do not recognize them, yet depend on them for everything else from desalination to solar power to biotechnology, nanotechnology to intelligence cooperation.

It is time that India bolsters its ties with Israel as that would benefit this country in all walks of life particularly in the area of military modernization and intelligence cooperation

Truly, this is God’s own country and the Jews are indeed the most Blessed people of all nations in the world.

07 May 2014